JV Strategic Partners LLC offers joint venture consulting services to fashion, beauty, sports, entertainment, health and eco-friendly industries with the ultimate goal of helping them attain sustainable and long-term growth.

Our seasoned consultants take a progressive approach to every engagement by utilizing their firsthand expertise to tackle the challenges encountering our clients while trying to penetrate foreign markets. By taking a progressive approach, we are able to deliver top-notch results in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Joint Venture Brokering

Creating fruitful joint venture arrangements is time-consuming. It also requires focus and effort. Such arrangements do not happen in a single meeting. JV Strategic Partners LLC creates the right atmosphere required to locate, negotiate and also execute a JV marketing approach for your organization or brand.

We will help you to:

  • Find underutilized or hidden assets within your organization.
  • Craft marketing opportunities that you did not pay attention to.
  • Effectively use customer lists that are not maximized, and
  • Identify relationships that should be maximized.

We will help you to determine the kind of resources that you need and then work hand-in-hand with you to determine what you can offer to joint venture partners that have the resources in their disposal.

Joint Venture Consulting

Joint venture alliances go wrong because the parties involved often ignore the strategy development stage which is the first and most important step. To avoid this, we assist companies in ensuring that their deals are well structured from the beginning.

JV Strategic Partners LLC assists clients throughout the stages of joint venture process namely:

  • Strategy development
  • Partner selection
  • Deal structure, and
  • Operation implementation.

We also help companies to:

  • Develop strategies for growth
  • Build strategic partnering platforms
  • Generate leads using partnering
  • Plan strategically to create a fast growth framework, leadership and team building.

Business Mindset Training

Our Business Mindset Training is designed for individual business owners, athletes and companies that need great insights to grow their businesses. The training will help you to develop their businesses from the holistic point of view and also develop various neuro-economical techniques that will help you in activating possibilities.

The training will help you to:

  • Locate business targets and improve sales.
  • Increase your marketing communication skills.
  • Develop quality leadership skills.
  • Adopt new measures to improve production.
  • Develop a new working focus, and
  • Effectively manage the ethics of your business with respect to professional conducts and service focus amongst others.

Sign up for our one-on-one Business Mindset Training and skyrocket your business ROI.

March 24, 2021

The United States vs Billie Holiday 2021 DVDScr Complet Torrent

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Suivez Holiday tout au long de sa carrière alors qu’elle est la cible du ministère fédéral des stupéfiants avec une opération secrète au couteau dirigée par l’agent fédéral noir Jimmy Fletcher, avec qui elle a eu une relation tumultueuse.
Lee Daniels Auteur:
Suzan-Lori Parks (scénario de), Johann Hari (basé sur le livre “Chasing the Scream” de) étoiles:
Deuxième jour, Trevante Rhodes, Garrett Hedlund | Suivez Holiday tout au long de sa carrière alors qu’elle cible le Département fédéral des drogues dans un coup de couteau secret dirigé par l’agent fédéral noir Jimmy Fletcher, avec qui elle a eu une relation tumultueuse.

March 19, 2021

The Professor WEB DL x264 raskal93 FULL full movie download torrent

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A college professor leads his life in relentless abandonment after being diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Directed by

Wayne Roberts

Credit writing

Wayne Roberts … (written by)

Cast completed (in order of credits), confirmation awaited

Johnny Depp Johnny Depp … Richard

Rosemary DeWitt Rosemary DeWitt … Veronica

Odessa Young Odessa Young … Olivia

Danny Houston Danny Houston … Peter

Zoe Deutsch Zoe Deutsch … Claire

Devon Terrell Devon Terrell … Danny

Ron Livingston Ron Livingston … Henry

Linda Emond Linda Emond … Barbara

Matreya Matreya Scarrwener … Rose

Siobhan Fallon Hogan Siobhan Fallon Hogan … Donna

Paloma Kwiatkowski Paloma Kwiatkowski … Anonymous student

Caitlin Bernard Caitlin Bernard … Taylor

Michael Cops Michael Cops … doctor

Dion Riley Dion Riley … Student №1

Justin Warrington Justin Warrington … waitress

Ken Kramer Ken Kramer … Honorary professor

Christine Wills Christine Wills … Widow # 1

Denalda Williams Denalda Williams … Widow # 2

Keith McKenney Keith McKenney … Ed

Dolores Drake Dolores Drake … Honorary Professor

Debbie Podowski Debbie Podowski … group leader (like Deb Podowski)

Javier Lacroix Javier Lacroix … Santiago

… Secretary Henry

Catherine Evans Catherine Evans … Student # 1

Aviva Lighthouse Aviva Lighthouse … Lily

Maarten Baileys Maarten Baileys … Male student # 2

Clive Holloway Clive Holloway … Student no 3

Rohan Campbell Rohan Campbell … Student no 4

Carolyn Yonge Carolyn Yonge … Student # 2

Megan Peta Hill … Megan Peta Hill … Shorts girl

Liam Raymond Dib Liam Raymond Dib … Student # 5 (as Liam Dib)

Robin Bradley Robin Bradley … Teacher

Bob Phipps Bob Phipps … Alcoholic

Jessica Heafey Jessica Heafey … An attractive woman (like Jessica Heafy)

Brenda Matthew Brenda Matthews … Woman # 1

Sydney Sydney … The dog is chatting

The rest of the cast, listed alphabetically:

Alexa Berard Alexa Berard … Student (not accredited)

Dennis Corbett Dennis Corbett … Art Lover, in title

Yolanda Corbett Yolanda Corbett … Art Lover, in the title

Laurie Empey Laurie Empey … Professor / Faculty (not accredited)

Jocelyne Gaumond Jocelyne Gaumond … Marathon Runner (in title)

Cole Henderson Cole Henderson … Sir Basil, in the cup

Kevina Lazari Kevina Lazari … Student (in the title)

Brenda Matthews Brenda Matthews … Woman # 1, in the title

Richard McBride Richard McBride … Professor Art Lover (not accredited)

Rod Megill Rod Megill … Leo the bartender, not included in the caption

Alain Mickelson Alain Mickelson … Latino Gardner, not included in the caption

Created by

Braden Aftergood … producer (producer)

Fred Berger … executive producer

Alastair Burlingham … Co-operative Producer

Rian Cahill … executive producer

Warren Carr … producer

Charlie Dombeck … Co-operative Producer

Stuart Ford … executive producer

Diane Hendrix … executive producer

Brian Cavanaugh-Jones … producer (producer)

David Y. Lee … executive producer

David Lipman … executive producer

Karin Martin … executive producer

Miguel Palos … executive producer

Eric Schultz … executive producer

Greg Shapiro … producer (producer)

Stephen Squilant … executive producer

Jeff Stentz … executive producer

John Zois … executive producer



Bryce Desner


Tim Orr

Editing a movie from

Sabine Emiliani

Cast of

Kate Caldwell

Kara Eide … (casting location)

Melissa Kostenbouder

Kris Woz … (casting location)

Production design through

Ani Boshan

Art directed by

Kendel Elliott

A set of ornament of

Shannon Gottlieb

Costume design from

Carla Hetland

Make-up department

Gloria Pascu Kasni … hairdresser: Johnny Depp

Marie Clancy … hairdresser

Kara Doel … a hairdresser

Ken Niederbaumer … makeup artist: Johnny Depp

Jessica Raine … her boss

Khanh Trance … hair with special make-up: Johnny Depp

Mary Phan … assistant make-up artist (in caption)

Production management

Warren Carr … production manager

Chris Wilson … production manager

Second unit director or deputy director

Adam McCarthy … third assistant director

Andrew Tran … third assistant director

Artistic Department

Michelle Allen … a real estate agent

Jessica Aquila Kimmerman … assistant in the art department

Tony Beck … presenter

Sean Blackie … lead chest of drawers

Craig Henderson … construction coordinator

Kelly McLeod … decoration buyer

Rose Marie Maxherry … copper

Bernie Neufeld … the best green shop

Jenny Newman … graphic designer

Matthew Wright … combat coordinator

Christopher Mark Richardson … building foreman (as Chris Richardson)

Rachel Terry … wardrobe

Carrie Wallis … art department coordinator

Callum Webster … assistant art director

Audio section

Sylvain Bellemare … sound designer

Dylan Boshon … sound assistant

Luc Boudrias … a rewrite mixer

Valry Dufort-Boucher … ad editor / dialogue editor

Dan Edelstein … editor adr

Francis Gauthier … sound designer

Michael Leder … arrow operator

Chris Navarro … mixer adr

Jeffrey Roy … mixer adr: Los Angeles

Stan Sakelaropoulos … Assistant Assistant

Adam Sharp … mixer adr

Joey Simas … rewrite assistant

Jerrell Suelto … mixer adr

Kelly Zombor … sound mixer

Visual effects

Antony Geoffery … visual effects manager (like Romald Geoffery)

Rafaele Blanchard … track artist: Oblique FX

tienne Bourdages … composer: Oblique FX

Benot Brire … vfx maker: Oblique FX

Louis-Philippe Clavett … cg supervisor: Oblique FX

David-Andr Coronel … composer: Oblique FX

Charles-tienne D’Amours … composer: Oblique FX

Valentin Delbrook … composition director: Oblique FX

Alexandra Denny … Visual Effects Coordinator: Oblique FX

Emily Fontaine … composer: Oblique FX

Patrick Gagnon … composer: Oblique FX

Heather Graham … animator: Oblique FX

Cedric Jolie … design artist: Oblique FX

Andranne Lamoureux … composer: Oblique FX

Maxim Lepage … texture artist: Oblique FX

Sylvain Lesaint … model builder: Oblique FX

Charles Marchand … flame painter

Sophie Martin … Head of Visual Effects Production: Oblique FX

Sybille Matte … composer: Oblique FX

Nikola Misho … composer: Oblique FX

Jade Morin … texture artist: Oblique FX

Theophilus Mur … composer: Oblique FX

ThophileMur … composer: Oblique FX

Steve Ouellette … composer: Oblique FX

Liana Poulenc-Strasbourg … visual effects coordinator: Oblique FX

Etienne Rodrigue … texture artist: KosoFX

Kinga Sabela … vfx producer: Oblique FX


Dan Redford … assistant stunt coordinator

Josiah Tshants … stuntman

Owen Wallström… stunt coordinator

Electrical section and section

SeanCoking … second assistant camera: “one” camera

Frank Devine … a digital imaging technician

Shane Goodenow … fake handle

Michael Goyert … lighting technician

Justin Graf … lighting technician

John Helme … gaffer

Justin Hutt … the best electric man

John J. Dubb Williams … lighting technician

Steve Krasnay ​​… cinematographer: cinematographer / steadicam “b”

Kai Lidgate … lighting technician

Steve McLean … lighting engineer

Shane McLeod … first aid camera: camera “b”

Brian Shaw … second camera assistant

Jordan Shelton … lighting engineer

Jakob Slovakia … second assistant camera: camera “b”

Nick Watson … first assistant camera: “one” camera

Lyle Priel … lamp operator, in the caption

Casting section

Andrea Brown … additional casting director

Natalie Sutcliffe … ext. Casting assistant

Suit section and wardrobe

Denise Barrett … costume manager

Pamela Cameron … Personal Client: Johnny Depp

Melissa Sharon David … assistant costume designer

Dawn Gray … assistant costume designer

Barb Nixon … assistant costume designer

Christina Petford … truck supervisor

Editorial staff

Randy Atkins … assistant editor

Mark Bookro … colorist

Alexis Cadoret-Vinho … technical manager

Scott Mackenzie … colorist: daily newspapers

Matthew Willis … assistant editor

Location management

Angel Foisy … in-house assistant placement manager

Mark Candborg … location scout

Dan Kuzmenko … venue manager

Ken MacAlpine … location scout

Chrissy Moziliski … assistant placement manager

Corey Orban … assistant placement manager

Jenna-Lee Perkins … placement assistant (no credit)

Music section

Charles M. Barsamyan … music consultant

Rob Lowry … music director

Meghan Persons … music consultant (like Meghan Kozlosky)

Andy Ross … music consultant

Scenarios and Continuity section

Jessica Clothier … screenwriter

Additional crew

Katie Emma Affleck … assistant producer

Sarah Amerongen … an important assistant producer

Christina Bullbrook … legal counsel

Susie Carlson … production assistant

Malcolm Carter … assistant producer

Dale Cornick … post production accountant / production accountant

Ian Doig … animal coordinator

Michael J. Harker … graduate bond representative

Louise Hazeltine … publisher per unit

Nathan Holmes … Assistant: Johnny Depp

Plamena Kutsarova … production coordinator

Stephen Learmont … second assistant production coordinator

Wendy Lowe … payroll clerk

Brittany Lum-Cho … assistant director

Grace McLeod … a leading animal trainer

Oksana Maslechko … production assistant

Cameron Mason … an important assistant producer

Danny MacArthur … assistant accountant

Christy McPhee … cleaning coordinator

Madeleine Miller … corporate legal issues

Panta Mosleh … production coordinator

Brian Nietzsche … corporate legal issues

Shannon More O’Ferrall … placement assistant (like Shannon More-O’Ferrall)

Jim Pesoli … executive producer

Ronnie Rodriguez … double photo: Johnny Depp

Jonathan Saba … studio director

Charmaine There … translator

Ilona Tigere … production assistant

Mariela Zapata … standing

Rebecca Zhang … office production assistant

March 19, 2021

The Dark Knight 2008 DVD-R Herunterladen Torrent

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Mit einer Bedrohung, die als Joker bekannt ist und Chaos und Chaos unter den Menschen in Gotham anrichtet, muss sich Batman einer der größten psychologischen und physischen Tests für seine Fähigkeit zur Bekämpfung von Ungerechtigkeiten unterziehen.
Christopher Nolan Autor:
Jonathan Nolan (Drehbuch), Christopher Nolan (Drehbuch) | Batman, Leutnant James Gordon und der neue Bezirksstaatsanwalt Harvey Dent begannen ein Jahr nach den Ereignissen von Batman Begins (2005) und schafften es, die Verbrecher, die Gotham City plagten, zu einem mysteriösen und sadistischen kriminellen Mastermind zusammenzubringen, der nur als “The” berühmt fungiert Joker “erscheint in Gotham und erzeugt eine neue Welle des Chaos. Batmans Kampf gegen den Joker wird zutiefst persönlich, zwingt ihn, sich mit” allem, woran er glaubt “auseinanderzusetzen und seine Technologie zu verbessern, um ihn aufzuhalten. Zwischen Bruce Wayne, Dent, entwickelt sich ein Liebesdreieck und Rachel Dawes.

March 18, 2021

Prêt pas prêt 2019 Complet Film Torrent

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Genre: horreur, thriller, mystère, comédie
Réalisateur: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin
Vedettes: Samara Weaving, Andy McDowell, Mark O’Brien, Adam Brody, Henry Cherney
Résumé: La nuit de noces de la mariée tourne mal lorsque sa belle-mère excentrique la force à participer à un jeu horrible.
Conteneur = Sailor (avi)
Durée = 01:35
Taille du fichier = 1 Go
– Vidéo
Informations sur le codec = AVC | V_MPEG4 / ISO / AVC
Résolution = 720×304
Afficher AR = | : 1
Débit binaire = 1700 kbps
Fréquence d’images = espace colorimétrique CFR = YUV
Échantillon partiel avec Chroma = 4: 2: 0
Codeur = x264 – noyau 142 R2479 DD79A61
Informations sur le codec = AC-3 | A_AC3
Canal = 6
Débit binaire = CBR 384 kbps
Fréquence d’échantillonnage = kHz
Langue = anglais