JV Strategic Partners LLC offers joint venture consulting services to fashion, beauty, sports, entertainment, health and eco-friendly industries with the ultimate goal of helping them attain sustainable and long-term growth.

Our seasoned consultants take a progressive approach to every engagement by utilizing their firsthand expertise to tackle the challenges encountering our clients while trying to penetrate foreign markets. By taking a progressive approach, we are able to deliver top-notch results in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Joint Venture Brokering

Creating fruitful joint venture arrangements is time-consuming. It also requires focus and effort. Such arrangements do not happen in a single meeting. JV Strategic Partners LLC creates the right atmosphere required to locate, negotiate and also execute a JV marketing approach for your organization or brand.

We will help you to:

  • Find underutilized or hidden assets within your organization.
  • Craft marketing opportunities that you did not pay attention to.
  • Effectively use customer lists that are not maximized, and
  • Identify relationships that should be maximized.

We will help you to determine the kind of resources that you need and then work hand-in-hand with you to determine what you can offer to joint venture partners that have the resources in their disposal.

Joint Venture Consulting

Joint venture alliances go wrong because the parties involved often ignore the strategy development stage which is the first and most important step. To avoid this, we assist companies in ensuring that their deals are well structured from the beginning.

JV Strategic Partners LLC assists clients throughout the stages of joint venture process namely:

  • Strategy development
  • Partner selection
  • Deal structure, and
  • Operation implementation.

We also help companies to:

  • Develop strategies for growth
  • Build strategic partnering platforms
  • Generate leads using partnering
  • Plan strategically to create a fast growth framework, leadership and team building.

Business Mindset Training

Our Business Mindset Training is designed for individual business owners, athletes and companies that need great insights to grow their businesses. The training will help you to develop their businesses from the holistic point of view and also develop various neuro-economical techniques that will help you in activating possibilities.

The training will help you to:

  • Locate business targets and improve sales.
  • Increase your marketing communication skills.
  • Develop quality leadership skills.
  • Adopt new measures to improve production.
  • Develop a new working focus, and
  • Effectively manage the ethics of your business with respect to professional conducts and service focus amongst others.

Sign up for our one-on-one Business Mindset Training and skyrocket your business ROI.

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