JV Strategic Partners LLC offers joint venture consulting services to fashion, beauty, sports, entertainment, health and eco-friendly industries with the ultimate goal of helping them attain sustainable and long-term growth.

Our seasoned consultants take a progressive approach to every engagement by utilizing their firsthand expertise to tackle the challenges encountering our clients while trying to penetrate foreign markets. By taking a progressive approach, we are able to deliver top-notch results in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Joint Venture Brokering

Creating fruitful joint venture arrangements is time-consuming. It also requires focus and effort. Such arrangements do not happen in a single meeting. JV Strategic Partners LLC creates the right atmosphere required to locate, negotiate and also execute a JV marketing approach for your organization or brand.

We will help you to:

  • Find underutilized or hidden assets within your organization.
  • Craft marketing opportunities that you did not pay attention to.
  • Effectively use customer lists that are not maximized, and
  • Identify relationships that should be maximized.

We will help you to determine the kind of resources that you need and then work hand-in-hand with you to determine what you can offer to joint venture partners that have the resources in their disposal.

Joint Venture Consulting

Joint venture alliances go wrong because the parties involved often ignore the strategy development stage which is the first and most important step. To avoid this, we assist companies in ensuring that their deals are well structured from the beginning.

JV Strategic Partners LLC assists clients throughout the stages of joint venture process namely:

  • Strategy development
  • Partner selection
  • Deal structure, and
  • Operation implementation.

We also help companies to:

  • Develop strategies for growth
  • Build strategic partnering platforms
  • Generate leads using partnering
  • Plan strategically to create a fast growth framework, leadership and team building.

Business Mindset Training

Our Business Mindset Training is designed for individual business owners, athletes and companies that need great insights to grow their businesses. The training will help you to develop their businesses from the holistic point of view and also develop various neuro-economical techniques that will help you in activating possibilities.

The training will help you to:

  • Locate business targets and improve sales.
  • Increase your marketing communication skills.
  • Develop quality leadership skills.
  • Adopt new measures to improve production.
  • Develop a new working focus, and
  • Effectively manage the ethics of your business with respect to professional conducts and service focus amongst others.

Sign up for our one-on-one Business Mindset Training and skyrocket your business ROI.

August 9, 2021

GS Auto Clicker chenezz Download Torrent

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Easy automation of repetitive tasks GS Auto Clicker is a useful software that allows you to save time on repetitive mouse clicks. The program protects the mouse from unnecessary consumption. When you download GS Auto Clicker, you don’t have to worry about delays or crashes because the simple and easy-to-use installation process requires little system resources. However, don’t think it’s clear to you. This program does not allow other tools to run on your Microsoft computer at the same time. (Function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); A simple yet powerful tool Although GS Auto Clicker is a simple tool, it is useful for people who perform repetitive computer tasks. In fact, the software was quite popular among players who had to constantly press mouse buttons to earn points or get points. The program has a simple and clean interface that focuses on the old interface. You’ll just notice the basics of the screen, including the Help main menu, where you can add information about the tasks you want to automate. The tool asks for the number of clicks and the time between them. Because the application does not require a lot of system resources, you do not have to worry about delays or crashes. GS Auto Clicker is powerful and fast by automating repetitive mouse clicks in Windows as a goal of GS Auto Clicker. Simply put, GS Auto Clicker software is task automation software that saves you the hassle of clicking the screen again. While not a perfect alternative to a mouse, it is useful for a wide variety of tasks. For example, you can use the program in games like Minecraft and Roblox that require creation from scratch to win. The automatic clicker is often used in a type of sleep game where you have to tap a character a thousand times to complete a certain task. . Repeated use of a computer mouse not only compromises joint strength but also damages the mouse. It’s even worse if you haven’t invested good money in a high quality device. Can a task automation program like GS Auto Clicker optimize your time and reduce body wear and use GS Auto Clicker? The best part of GS Auto Clicker is its free use. The program does not show malicious ads or subscription requests. Once you have downloaded and installed the task automation tool on your computer, you can start using it right away without any problems. The simplified program menu does not require information or technical knowledge. All you have to do is set the task and mouse click area to automate GS Auto Clicker for easy use? In addition to automatic mouse clicks, GS Auto Clicker offers several other features. It is able to set keystrokes to work with a single click. For those who don’t know it, it’s the perfect macro for games. You can set custom time-saving shortcuts, type frequently used words, or browse the Internet without typing uppercase or lowercase letters where you want to tap multiple areas of the screen in a specific order. You can configure the software to save the entire input later later as needed. Using tools from one area extends to the entire sequence of events. This feature is again very usefulfor players, but even developers working on repetitive tasks and developers can use itSave GS Auto Clicker, GS Auto Clicker does not contain malicious code or viruses. So you don’t have to worry about the program compromising the performance of your computers. You can be sure that with this tool I will not lose files or data due to malware or blackmail. However, if there is one drawback, it is its limited functionality. However, GS Auto Clicker has a specific use and is designed to target a specific area of ​​Windows problem. Options GS Auto Clicker is a great tool for automating repetitive mouse clicks. However, before you download the program, you should familiarize yourself with the options. There are many options for the task Mouse Automatic Clicker is a simple, powerful and easy-to-use application that automates repetitive mouse clicks. However, the program has an outdated interface and does not provide good powerful software, FastKeys is a complete automation tool that can create configurable shortcuts and other components. Unfortunately, the tool can slow down other programs on your computer and occasionally create programs whose scripts don’t seem to be overloaded. You can use the AutoHotkey function. This program uses scripts to automate tasks. Although it is possible to find these scripts on the Internet, the program requires basic technical knowledge to automate the mouse compared to other similar programs, but GS Auto Clicker is a powerful software. With this tool, you can easily set macros, adjust clickthrough rates, and customize keyboard shortcuts. In addition, you can tap more than one area of ​​the screen to perform multiple random updates. The development team keeps the application safe. You can use it in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. As mentioned above, downloading and installing programs does not cause delays or crashes. . The program includes several features, and the developer provides good support. If you are looking for software to reduce mouse usage on your computer, GS Auto Clicker would be an ideal installation option. In fact, the latest version of the program includes an improved interface for easy navigation.

July 9, 2021

Windows 10 21H1 Ultra Lite Dark x64 pt-BR 2021 indir torrent

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WINDOWS 10 21H1 Ultra lite Koyu

ev 21H1: V2

Mimari: X64

Tamanho iso: GB

Teşekkürler: Glayson Lima

Tamanho Disko: GB

Dil: pt-BR (yerel)


biçim: ISO / ESD

MD5: E549CF19CD33EDEAC412890FCB769D1C

======== EDIE ======

W10 Ultra hafif. – Windows 10 Başlatma

W10 Ultra lite X – İlk Sınıflandırma

W10 Ultra lite Dark – Windows 10 Başlangıç

W10 Ultra lite Dark X – Initiera Clssico

W10 temalı Edies 1 ve 2

Ultra küçük Karanlık temalı Edies 3 ve 4

Edio X: daha fazla devre dışı bırakılmış ancak devre dışı bırakılmış ayarlara sahip bireysel sürüm

======= REMOVIDO ======

Rede-lan ve Wlan İŞİ

Restaurao S.



defans oyuncusu

Hiper -V

tüm başvuru sahipleri

Dokunmatik ekranlar ve telekomünikasyon

Xbox ve Xbox Oyuncu Paneli

Microsoft Edge – ancak bağımsız bir yükleyici ile yeniden yükleyebilirsiniz

Onedrive – ancak yeniden yükleyebilirsiniz

Microsoft Store, Başlat menüsünün yükleyicisidir.

= OBS =


LAN, WLAN ve makarna paylaşımı çalışır.

Wi-Fi bağlantısının daha iyi izlenimini edin ve em outro computador pela rede redehe kurun.

Ancak ağdan ayrılmak için normalde açık tanıma.

Üst Karakter + PrtScr



DESATIVE veya WINDOWS UPDATE yüklemek için Aps sürücüsü.

StartIsBack, 2 Edio’ya () eklendi

==== Ev kullanımı sistemi ====

Edio de Documentos hiçbir Pejabat

Video ve ses oynatma

İnternete git.

Efetuei TEST ve JOGOS yok

=== DEZATIVADO =====


Tengah de aes DESATIVADO

Animaes’in Windows DESATIVADO’su yok

Pencerelerde gölge ve yol AKTİF DEĞİL

BLUR ve Block Cloth efekti KAPALI

Habilitar için aşağıdaki PAKET

==== ENTEGRE =====


Ultra hafif koyu tema

Karanlık duvar kağıdı



GÖRSEL C++ x86x64

Klasik hesap makinesi

not defteri

Klasik resim görüntüleyici

===== Ana menü ======


* Antivirüs

Ücretsiz Kaspersky Antivirus yükleyici

Ücretsiz Panda Antivrus Yükleyici

Ücretsiz Avaster Antivrus yükleyici

* Gezginler

Chrome yükleyici

Firefox yükleyici

Opera yükleyici

Opera GX yükleyici

Chromium Edge yükleyici

* Özler

7Zip yükleyici

WinRAR yükleyici

Microsoft Yükleyici Mağazası



===== Ana menü ======


Microsoft Yükleyici Mağazası




July 4, 2021

Windows 10 UltraOS 19H2 v18363.1500 pt-BR 2021 scaricare torrent

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WINDOWS 10 UltraOS 19H2.



produzione: 19H2 –


Tamanjo: GB

Crediti: Gleison Lima

BIOS: UEFA / Legacy

Architettura: k64


=== EDIE ===

Windows 10 Pro – Coni 19H2.

Windows 10 Pro – Novos Cones



NUOVO Ram Blokueio Blur v10 20H2.

NUOVO sfondo

Aggiornamenti 13 aprile 2021

Programmi per pasta UltraOS, nessun menu home.


Barra de Pesquisa v10 – opzionale


Windows Defender – opzionale


TODA telemetria

!!! PACCHETTI abaiko para Habilitar !!!


Non c’è animazione senza Windows DESATIVADO

Ombre in Jane il corso DESADIVADO


== Programmi UltraOS Pasta ==

* Ativar Window Protection.

* Ativar Barra de Pesquisa V10

* Aggiornamenti Destivar

* Aja Esasi

* Potenziatore Dribe

* Sistema molto compatto

== OBS ==

* nessun ospite DriveEasi DriverBooster,

non usar.

* Mantidos contiene tutti componenti.

* Mantidos all impresore driver, rosso


* Windows Defender ha 100 MB 200 MB

più memoria.

* Con Microsoft Store Calcolatrice v10.

== ATENE ===

* Immagine abaiko de uma mkuina Real,

veja Consumo de memria processs.

* Il consumo di memoria è forse il più importante

motivo programmi installati sulle macchine o

Controller video, ulteriori informazioni sul processo

Plano siero menores fanno la domanda piena

July 2, 2021

Windows 10 Pro 19H2 X64 incl Office 2019 pt-BR NOV 2019 {Gen2} download torrent

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* Windows 10 Pro X64 19H2 pt-BR NOV 2019

* Version 1909 construction

* Integrated Office 2019 ProPlus

* File:

* Size: 4.88 GB

* Format: executable ISO

* CRC32: e029a6e1

* MD5: 61a26de42db11147f481c3240c56e166

* SHA-1: 684ca1c8b635619f5a4776aa54d2b1319284474a


Integrated / pre-installed:

* .NET framework

* Office 2019 ProPlus VL 64bit

* Maintenance series update:

* KB4524569

* Cumulative update:

* KB4524570

* Cumulative update for

* .NET framework i:

* KB4522741

* Flash Player security update:

* KB4516115

Installation complete / after installation:

* Defender updates

* LANGUAGE: Brazilian

* Windows 10 Pro

* Office 2019 Pro Plus VL

* Activators: HWID and network KMS

* UEFI capable

* (Use the included Rufus USB tool to create a UEFI)

* Diagnostic and Recovery Toolkit (Microsoft DaRT)

* in compressed recovery format ()

* Create a Rufus bootable USB (highly recommended),

* (on) or write to a DVD-DL at a slow speed.

* WindowsAddict, the author of the Windows activation script

* I hope you like this version!

* Hello,

* Generation2

* Windows 10 Pro X64, including Office 2019 ProPlus pt-BR May 2020

* Create version 2004

* File:

* Size: 4.90 GB

* Format: executable ISO

* CRC32: 47c18ff2

* MD5: c01ed42ee2e9f08eb9461f5d49094c49

* SHA-1: 8e0f6bc78a0a95ffcf1b31c606b1a01c01882250

Integrated / pre-installed:

* Office 2019 ProPlus VL 64bit

* Cumulative update:

* KB4556803

* NET framework

* LANGUAGE: Brazilian

* Windows 10 Pro

* Office 2019 ProPlus

* Activators: HWID and network KMS

* UEFI capable

* (Use the included Rufus USB tool to create a UEFI)

* Diagnostic and Recovery Toolkit (Microsoft DaRT)

* in compressed recovery format ()

* Create a Rufus bootable USB (highly recommended),

* (on) or write to a DVD-DL at a slow speed.

* WindowsAddict, the author of the Windows activation script

* I hope you like this version!

* Hello,

* Generation2